Traveling with someone is a big commitment, especially if your next trip is a long one. As you search for someone you can share your days and adventures, you want to make sure both of you are perfectly compatible. With the right person, you’ll make memories to last a lifetime.

Picking Your Partner

If you’ve already made the decision that you want to share your next trip with someone, your next plan of action should focus on finding that individual at The person you’re considering may have several positive qualities, but are they the best choice to share your next trip with? Choosing someone that seems like the right pick at the time can make for an uncomfortable trip if you lose interest in one another. To guarantee you both have a memorable journey, it is important to ensure you both are right for each other. Read on for three easy ways to tell if your partner should be your next travel companion.

1. You Both Have Similar Tastes

Traveling together means that you’ll be sharing meals, hotels, and more. When it comes to choosing where to eat breakfast and deciding where to spend the night, you’ll want to make sure you and your companion are on the same page. Choosing a travel partner that has vastly differing tastes in hotels, restaurants, and leisurely activities than you may make for an aggravating trip. In the best situation, you’ll be able to find someone that likes what you like and will be eager to take you up on your suggestions.

2. Your Companion Wants to See All the Sights You Do

Sure, both of you may have a few specific must-see spots in mind, but there are some activities that may pull two people in different directions. If you hoped to spend five hours driving to different parts of the state but your date would rather visit the hottest art galleries, you may find that you are at an impasse. Instead of making a compromise that neither of you will enjoy, make sure to discuss this matter before choosing who you will bring along as a companion.

Be sure to ask your potential travel partner what they hope to do on the trip to NYC. Use these questions to figure out if your interests are compatible: What do you hope to do during the day? Would you prefer activities with a high level of physical exertion or something that is a bit more leisurely? Do you want to see sights specific to New York or would you rather just take the trip to relax? As you get to know your companion better, you’ll be able to determine if you both would get along on the trip.

3. What’s Your Definition of “Fun”?

Traveling all day can be incredibly tiring. If you’ve spent the majority of your days outdoors or on public transit, chances are you’re going to want some downtime at night. Similarly, your concept of “having fun” and “partying” may mean laying down with a nice glass of wine, watching the sunset. Contrarily, if you or your travel partner have differing concepts of what it means to have fun, you may find yourself overexerted and exhausted on the majority of your trip.

Try to find a travel companion who runs at the same speed you do. If you’re a night owl, find someone who will be open to hanging out all night with you. If you prefer a quiet evening with a set bedtime, be sure your partner finds that enjoyable as well.

Ideally, you and your travel partner will be able to have an agreeable, adventurous, and restful vacation in New York. Before you book the flight, be sure that you and your date are on the same page in regards to taste, traveling style, and the like. The right partner for your vacation will only enhance the great time that you are sure to have.

Falling for Your Travel Buddy? Here’s How to Win Their Affection!

Traveling with the perfect companion offers a unique opportunity to deepen a partnership. Moreover, traveling with the right person can ultimately stoke the fires of love. Whether you had planned to woo your partner before the trip or you find yourself inexplicably smitten on your tandem vacation, now is the best time to see if you can build up a budding romance.