There’s no shame in solo travel, but it’s not as fun as it would be with a traveling companion from When you have another person to share your adventures with, you’ll really value your experience that much more. If you’re weighing the pros and cons of traveling with someone else, read on to find out why it’s better to travel as a twosome.

1. Bring a Friend, Ditch the Table for One

Being able to share your meals with someone else is something you’ll never take for granted again. Having the option to grab a table for two rather than eating alone is one of the best reasons you should travel with someone else.

2. Your Companion Can Watch Your Back

While it’s unlikely your travel companion will double as your bodyguard, there’s something to be said about traveling as part of a pair. When you have a traveling companion, you’re less likely to be a target for criminals. Similarly, when you have someone else traveling with you to the airport, you’ll be able to run to the bathroom without having to drag all of your bags with you.

3. A Buddy Will Provide Instant Entertainment and Company

With all of the public transportation that accompanies traveling, you’ll soon notice how fortunate you are to have someone to talk to. Travel companions act as instant entertainment and company, giving you a chance to build your relationship as you both experience something new.

4. Loneliness Can Ruin a Trip

When you’re in another hotel room, spending the night alone again, it’s hard to keep loneliness from creeping in. While it’s fun to see the city during the day, it can be wearing to see couples and friends having fun as they spend time together. Instead of ruining your trip with the threat of loneliness, do yourself a favor and find someone that you can bring along with you. The right person will be able to give you companionship, emotional support, and comfort. Many people even find that a trip is a perfect opportunity to fan the flames of love.

While you don’t always need someone to travel with, it definitely helps to have a partner if you plan to have a fun trip. Use these three reasons as incentives to bring a companion with you on your next trip.